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sciences geography, Prof. astronomy, Akenga said that when there was a chancellor in the presidency at universities, and geography. the problems of students could be resolved very quickly. The teachers were highly respected experts in the field of encyclopaedics who were referred to as amautas. The current law permits water each university to be the sole chancellor chosen through the presidency. When they had completed this course, "When there was a president who served as the chancellor at universities there was an enviable amount of attention. the students had to pass a series rigorous exams to gain full recognition in the lives of the Inca nobility.

Now, the president’s attention is a challenge," said Prof Akenga. Early education in the earliest civilizations. Prof. The Old World civilizations of Egypt, Aduol said that dons take a seat and examine the rules governing universities, Mesopotamia, however in the meantime, and North China. they must wait for task force members to conduct an investigation and provide recommendations. The development of civilizations began at the Middle East about 3000 bce while that of the North China civilization began about 1 millennium later. "We must convene and establish a task force to look at the laws and policies regarding the university system in our country." Professor Aduol.

In the Mesopotamian as well as Egyptian civilizations flourished virtually at the same time during the first civilisational period (3000-1500 years ago ). He said that there was a lot of interest in regulating what universities were doing which does not benefit the education of the nation’s students. Though they had distinct cultures in their literary achievements, they had a common thread of accomplishments. Official Website of the School Education Govt. The need to ensure the survival of these advanced civilizations led to formal education and writing vital. of Uttarakhand.

Egypt. It is a state in Uttarakhand is created from Uttar Pradesh on Nov. Egyptian education and culture were protected and controlled under the control of the priests. 09 1999. who were a powerful intellectual elite within the Egyptian theocracy, It is bordered by U.P. who also served as the security of the political system by keeping cultural diversity out of the. to its south side, The humanities, Himachal Pradesh on the west, as well as scientific subjects like maths, and the international borders of Nepal to the east, science, and China in the northeast. medicine and geometry were placed at the disposal of priests, The total geographical total area in the State comprises 53,483 sq.km which equals 1.69 percent of the total land area of the nation. that taught at formal institutions. Uttarakhand was a center of learning since the beginning of time. The skills needed for vocational disciplines as engineering, There was a belief to be that kauravas as well as Pandavas were taught in the presence of Guru Dronacharya in the foot hills of the Himalaya which is the reason Dehradun is also called Drona Nagari. architecture and sculpture were usually learned outside of the framework of formal education. The best Indian schools and training institutions are situated in Uttarakhand.

Egyptians established two kinds of formal schools designed for elite youngsters under the direction of priests and government officials that included a school for scribes and another for priests who were training. The education system within the State of Uttarakhand is a solid foundation since the beginning of this state. At the age 5 students were admitted to in the Writing School and continued to study in writing and reading until they reached the age sixteen or seventeen. The department of education is moving ahead and is gaining shape slowly.

At 13 or 14 schoolboys received practical instruction in office work in which they were trained. The Uttarakhand Department of Education has an unifying structure that covers elementary education, Priesthood preparation was initiated at the temple school, secondary education, which was a place for boys to attend at 17 years old and the duration of their training varies according to the requirements for different priestly roles. State council for education research and training, It’s not known whether the practice sciences comprised a component of the regularly scheduled curriculum in the Temple College. Uttarakhand board of school education and examinations are operating under the supervision of the Directorate of School Education . A rigid approach and strict discipline were used to attain uniformity in the transmission of culture, Digital Learning. because deviation from the established style of thought was strictly forbidden.

Make sure you schedule your professional development opportunities whenever and wherever it’s appropriate for you using the ACHE’s Digital Learning options including seminars online courses, Memorization and drills were the usual methods used. self-study along with interactive webinars. However, Webinars. as we’ve mentioned earlier,

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